Canon T5i Review (700D)

The canon T5i is a great all around beginner & hobbiest camera that boasts great image quality, dynamic range and auto focus. This is a great performer for the money. 18mp APS-C crop sensor with 9 all cross type auto focus points. Its snappy and quick to focus with great tracking capabilities, even more than you would expect! Watch nationally featured photographer Corey Benoit show you how the Canon T5i or 700D performs on the streets of NYC.

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3 Responses

  1. sjbphotography
    Great review Corey well done! Thoroughly enjoyed it even though I am a nikon fan boy :) Can't wait for future reviews. Cheers simon.
  2. Amazing camera! This is my first DSLR and I have to say, I love it. I was an avid photographer for years but with a 35 mm Canon Rebel. I missed taking pictures and finally decided it was time. After a year researching and talking with other hobbiest, I decided on the T5i. I actually borrowed a friend's T3i and both cameras were easy to use and I was surprised at the results, some pretty fantastic pictures. My only preference between the two was the touch screen on the T5i. So if you're wanting a user friendly camera, this one is for you!
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