Rick Souvign “Photo Challenge #1” Winner!

Rick Souvign “Photo Challenge #1” Winner!


Richard won the photo challenge #1 weather and interaction. It was a fantastic entry. Here is a little bit about Rick. Richard (Rick) Souvign is a 54 year old eclectic photographer based in Rochelle, Illinois.

Rick showed interest in photography in the late 70's "shooting" fireworks. The word shooting here has two meanings. Rick to this day is a certified licensed Pyrotechnic Operator for Display Fireworks.

So not only does he shoot fireworks as in photograph them, but he also shoots them into the air. Rick is also an avid Railroad fan and this is where Rick found his calling for photography. As a Railroad photographer some of Rick's work can be found embedded on different railroad photography sites on the web.

In 2010 Rick decided to take his railroad photography skills and expand them out to other subjects other than railroads. In his quest to find a photographing style that would fit his needs he joined an internet photography group. This group runs weekly photo challenges and to date Rick has won over 10 weekly photo challenges in the past two years. Because the subjects of these photo challenges can vary week to week Rick can not tag his photography style with one name other than eclectic.

Some of Rick's more accomplished area's of photography are but not limited to would be Transportation and Weather. On a spring day you could find Rick at the Zoo stalking the big cats like the hunters they are. Or you could find him walking around a local park photographing flowers.

Another place you can always find Rick is at a car show or an air show. I guess it that whole Trains, Planes, and Automobiles thing Rick likes. However as if shooting and photographing fireworks were not enough of a death wish. For a real adrenaline rush Rick loves to photograph Lightning. On a stormy spring or summer night you will find Rick chasing down a thunderstorm so he could park in a corn field and photograph Lightning.

When the storm sirens go off at night the first question is from everyone's mouth is. Do we hide in the basement or give Rick his camera, the answer is usually both. Living in the Midwest winters are cold and dark you can find Rick in his basement studio honing his Studio skills to a level he feels is creative. Below the link are a few of his photos.

Be sure to visit and comment on Rick's Flickr account at:





Here is the photo that won the competition:




Here is 2 great photos by Rick, these are my favorites!






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