Some Of Our Work

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  • Codey’s Urban Shoot

    Codey’s Urban Shoot

    This gritty urban location in coastal North Carolina was the location we chose to capture some shots for Codey. Three time nationally...


  • Patrick & Kelsey

    Patrick & Kelsey

    This happy young couple travelled over 2,000 miles to get married in central park, and enjoy their first few days as a...


  • Marvin & Rakhya

    Marvin & Rakhya

    This day was a very special one. Eventful, and lots of fun. Numerous locations, and formalities made this a truly remarkable wedding....


  • Rakhya & Marvin Video

    Rakhya & Marvin Video

    This captivating cinema presentation of Marvin & Rakhya and their amazing day! Watch the events as they unfold and their story is...


  • Jenn & Nick Wedding

    Jenn & Nick Wedding

    This wedding was just pure fun, energetic and good times. Jennifer and Nick start their lives together. We got to be apart...