We have served many clients over the years. This is a list of some of the companies, individuals, and organizations we have provided excellent service, and quality of work for.


Here is a list of companies & organizations we have served:

  • ASCII Group Inc.
  • Social Flow
  • Chevrolet
  • NBA
  • Canon
  • Microsoft
  • Maersk
  • Finao Nation
  • Jack Britt High School
  • Mt Sinai High School
  • Ocean Township High School
  • Heritage Apartments
  • BDP International
  • Tammy-Sutton Brown (WNBA Starting Center)
  • SCVGR iPhone App

Here are some of the well known, hard working people we have provided excellence for:

  • Jeff Yalden (
  • DR. Thomas Armstrong (world renowned Doctor)
  • Tammy-Sutton Brown (Starting Center For the WNBA's Indiana Fever)
  • Richard Bolte (CEO of BDP Internal Philadelphia, PA)