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The Empire State Building Crew

While shooting an engagement proposal I started talking with some of the crew at the Empire State Building and told them about the shoot I was on. They seemed very interested, and they were very courteous and informative. I just grabbed my camera and they were all up for some photos, awesome! Truly great experience. If you get a chance take the trip to the 86th floor observatory deck. Then up to floor 102! Amazing view. I will be posting some pictures in the coming days of this engagement shoot and some extra shots of the skyline of NYC.


World Recognized Photographer “Matt Granger” & Corey Benoit

Matt Granger a well known photographer from Sydney Australia visited NYC for his workshops this weekend. He held a great photo walk with many photographers. This is a picture of Matt Granger ( and & Corey Benoit of Faymus Media ( discussing things of photography and business.

Photo Contest (Weather & Interaction)

Well here we are. The first photo challenge. The winner will receive a spotlight on my blog and facebook. Photos must be taken during the period of March 4th - March 18th. The theme is "weather and interaction". Basically photos that illustrate in "your view" how weather and life interact.

Example. Its raining really hard and people are walking with umbrellas or running to make it to shelter. Its windy so people are walking with their head down, super sunny and sunglasses. Try to be super creative and have fun with it.

Submissions due by March 17th @ 11:59pm. Judging will be live on the 18th @ 11:59pm on spreecast where we all can see the contest photos and chat.

Good Luck, and Happy Shooting!

The New Faymus Media™ Website

This is the "Brand New" site for Faymus Media™. Re-Designed from the ground up to give our customers a more enjoyable experience. We have designed this site to be easy to navigate, and show stunning visual format. Let us know how you like the new page and if you have...