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Here at Faymus Media customer service is our number one priority. Our quality of work is important to us. We want to exceed all our customers expectations.

So here I share our feedback from customers this past few weeks.

- Corey

Photo Challenge #3 “Night Photos” Starts Now Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks to everybody who participated in photo challenge #2 "Bokeh"!

For this competition the photo challenge theme is "Nightime". Photos must be taken at night, and during this competition only. I will be verifying this.They can be of buildings, rivers, lakes, mountains, city scapes, people, animals. The only 2 rules are the photo's must be taken at night, and during the competition.

Submissions begin now on April 3rd. The submissions are due by April 16th @ 9pm and the critique will be on spreecast LIVE on April 17th @ 9pm.

Here is the spreecast channel:

The prize for this competition with be a "Hoodman Eye Cup". the winner gets to choose between the 22R and the RG round eyecup.This takes alot of time to setup, and run these competitions so please support me by reading the information below. Happy Shooting!

If you would like to rent or purchase photography equipment please use these links:

Here is our youtube channel with all kinds of reviews and tips on photography. Please support the channel and "subscribe":

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Rogue Flash Benders & Diffusers Review

This is a review of the Rogue Flash Bender & Diffuser. These are fantastic flash accessories that I use all the time. Great quality products at a great price. To purchase these items please support my channel and site by purchasing from the links below.


Flash Bender Large:
Flash Bender Small:
Flash Diffuser Large:
Flash Diffuser Small:

Rent Awesome Gear Here: